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Property Maintenance Director
David White

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The Enforcement of the Part III of the uniform statewide building code known as the 2012 Virginia Maintenance Code: and Tazewell County Code Section 4-8 Remove or repair the defacement of buildings, walls, fences, and other structures.

(1) Alll of section 105, regarding unsafe structures.
(2) Section 302.3, regarding sidewalks and driveways.
(3) Section 302.5, regarding rodent harborage.
(4) Section 309.1, regarding infestations.

Defaced building or structure is a building or structure whose walls, doors, or windows have collapsed, been removed or are otherwise absent such that the interior of the building or the insulation, wiring or plumbing within the walls are exposed. A defaced building or structure also shall include porches or stairs where the floors or steps have fallen in or been removed such that they are unsafe. Such defacement must be visible from a public right-of-way. A barn or other structure used to store agricultural equipment or products, located on property which is taxed or zoned as dedicated to agricultural use shall not be deemed a defaced building or structure for purposes of this section.