Fire & EMS

Director: Barry Brooks

276-202-5239 cell
276-322-7249 office
276-322-7252 fax


I serve as a liaison between County Fire & EMS agencies and the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors.Insure operational readiness of Tazewell County Fire and EMS through uniform training and standardized ROG’s. Function as PIO for major Fire or EMS emergencies as needed. Work toward NFPA compliance in all areas of the service. Develop a functional Public Education and Fire Prevention programs for the County. Preparation of budget and projected expenditures for County Fire & EMS agencies. Hazardous Material operations under direction of Emergency Manager. Various other tasks as assigned by the County Administrator.

Communication to the 17 fire and 5 EMS agencies within the county. A training/ event calendar would be a great help to post upcoming training course or individual department drills/ meeting dates. Current news stories for the public to see what their first responders are up too. Maybe a monthly article by area Fire Chiefs. (to be reviewed by web manager) Recruiting!!! Information Page to public. Assistance available after a house fire. Frequently asked questions on fire proofing your home. Recruitment .The possibilities are endless.


Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer please contact the Director Barry Brooks above.